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Appraisers are Trained Professionals

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About Us

Personal Property Solutions is a success story that emerged from the recession of 2008-2009. After learning how few options there were in the Twin Cities for qualified personal property appraisers, we started the business. Over the past decade, we have developed a seasoned group of associates so we can pull together the best team to match the needs of your project.

Most of our affiliated appraisers are accredited members of either The International Society of Appraisers or the Appraiser's Association of America. We regularly attend classes to maintain our appraisal credentials. We pride ourselves on desk time, which means you receive a thoroughly researched appraisal.  

Personal Property Solutions works with banks, fiduciaries, trust officers, attorneys, accountants, families, and private collectors across the state. If your project requires special expertise or authentication services, we can manage those resources to ensure that your project has the best team.


Shannon Law is the principal appraiser.

  • Appraiser of antiques, residential contents, and many categories of fine art.

  • Accredited Member – International Society of Appraisers (ISA AM)

  • Meets “Qualified Appraiser” requirements of the IRS for the estate tax, donation, and gift appraisals.

  • Featured small business in the St. Paul Pioneer Press (June 27, 2010, July 2011)

  • Excellent interpersonal, problem-solving, and communication skills.

  • Follows the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP).

  • Enjoys the challenge of developing and managing expert teams to handle complex projects.

  • Ability to meet objectives and apply research skills to reach a value conclusion or pinpoint the best market.

Member Twin Cities Estate Planning Council and Minnesota Antique Dealers Association.

Their appraisal was detailed and professional and allowed my siblings and I to fairly divide my mother’s art collection and satisfy our accountant.

– Sam Goodman

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